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The Dynasys SL gives you more options, more flexibility and more convenience in day cab and sleeper cab climate control

Dynasys SL Features and Benefits

  • Fuel Savings – Enables savings of up to $800/month or $9,600/year by reducing idle fuel consumption by one gallon per hour. For more information, visit http://www.DynasysAPU.com/savings-calculator
  • Compact Design – Provides the most power in the smallest diesel APU package, using less than 20 inches of frame rail space.
  • Warranty – Covers you with a two-year limited warranty.
  • Rugged Enclosure – Protects your investment with a durable enclosure for even the harshest weather and operating conditions.
  • Automotive-style, Belt-driven HVAC System – Uses a belt-driven AC compressor and the Dynasys SL’s own coolant system as a heat source.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel – Offers easy-to-use temperature control.
  • Auto Start Functions – Includes auto start for low truck battery voltage, cabin temperature, coolant temperature, and time and day.
  • Faster Installation Time – Reduces time off the road. Our APU design is completely independent of the truck cooling system, which allows for a faster installation time than comparable APUs.

Unique, multi-purpose console fits virtually all major day cab configurations

  • USB Charging Port – Provides power and charging capabilities for electronic devices
  • Common 12 VDC Power Receptacle – Gives users easy access to electrical power point
  • Large Dual Cup Holders – Allows driver and passenger to secure drinks with ease
  • Two Integrated Storage Trays – Makes organizing simple providing access to stowed items
  • Durable Molded Plastic and Steel Construction – Sturdy, yet lightweight design will last longer and cost less in fuel over the long haul
  • Four Large Adjustable, Multi-Directional Air Vents – Enables driver and passenger to regulate and maintain desired comfort level
  • Versatile Console Design Fits Multiple Day Cab Interiors – All major day cab designs have been considered and can be accommodated with this console

APU Specifications

Engine: Caterpillar, 2 cylinder, Liquid–cooled
8.6 bhp at 2,800 RPM
Alternator: 60 Amps, 12 VDC
Weight: 295lbs
Dimensions: 18” x 27” x 25”

Bunk Heater/AC Unit

Heat: 20,000 BTU/hr when DC load is present
AC: 24,000 BTU/hr
Weight: 70lbs (under bunk)
Dimensions: 11.5”W x 12.5”H x 22.25”D (under bunk)
Weight: 70lbs (console version)
Dimensions: 16”W x 14”H x 11”D (console version)




Dynasys™ APUs are intelligently designed to provide dependable, energy-efficient performance with convenient service intervals that match scheduled truck maintenance. Each unit is backed by a two-year/4000 hour warranty with an option to extend coverage.

Copies of the Dynasys APU limited warranty, optional extended warranty, and registration documents are available for your convenience, and can be obtained by emailing info@dynasysapu.com.

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