By installing a Dynasys APU, you can put up to $400 of fuel savings in your pocket every month (even after your finance payment).

Our goal is to make APUs accessible to all owner-operators, who are the foundation of our industry. While the initial cost of purchasing an APU can be daunting, owning one can immediately begin saving you money in both fuel costs and engine wear and tear.

Financing your Dynasys APU can significantly reduce, and in many cases remove, the upfront cost of owning an APU:

  • You can start saving immediately
  • Flexible payment options - Many customers have found that monthly payment are only 40%-55% of fuel savings they experience.  Additional zero-down options now available for qualified applicants.

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Credit Approval

How do I get pre-approved?
The approval process is quick and easy.  The first step is to complete our online application.

What are your interest rates?
Interest rates are competitive and based on your credit score.

I have a grant.  Can the grant go toward the required down payment?
Yes, most grants can be applied to the down payment of a finance.  Because each grant is different, we suggest calling us directly for more information (800.289.8282, ext. 3).

I would like to put down more than the required down payment. Is that possible?
Yes, we will accept additional down payment funds.


Is there preset pricing for the units and shore power kit?           
Dealers set the pricing. The Dynasys™ APU may occasionally sponsor special pricing to which the dealer has previously agreed. You should ask your dealer if any special pricing is applicable.

Can I combine specials?
No, we will only honor one special at a time.  Rebates cannot be combined.


Dynasys APU With Cover