Battery Powered Unit

Bunk Heater/AC Unit Specs:

AC 12,000 BTU/hour
Heat 18,000 BTU/hour with hydronic option
Dimensions 27.35” x 15.82” x 12.0”
Warranty 5 year warranty on batteries, 2 year warranty on all other components

Frame Unit Specs:

Battery Power 12-16 hour run time, Lithium Ion battery powered, 250 - 300 amp alternator suggested
Dimensions 18.5” x 27” x 35” (25” to the frame rail)
Weight 494 lbs. (weight includes hydronic unit)


5 year warranty on batteries and 2 years on all other components. If it breaks we fix it! Extended warranty available. Must be purchased through your dealer at the time of purchase. 

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